International Bioinformatics Training Programs

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1st International Bioinformatics Training Programs

Resequencing analysis and Python

2014. 12. 08 ~ 2015. 01. 23

Seoul National University College of Agriculture and Life Science Dept. of Plant Science, Crop Science and Biotechnology Crop Genomic Lab.

Tutor : Sangrea Shim, Taeyoung Lee, Jayern Lee and Sue Kim

Nowadays, bioinformatics has become an important discipline in the intersection of computing and biology, especially with genomics. Large amounts of genomics data such as DNA sequences, transcriptome sequences, and methylation information cannot be handled manually. Therefore, learning bioinformatics skill is crucial for those researchers in the field of science. The basic skills of bioinformatics are getting to know a wide array of programming languages. There are many programming languages for bioinformatics; for example, C, Java, Perl and python. In this training program, we are going to learn python as the starting tool for analysis of biological data. Python is the most convenient and easy programming language for beginners. After completing this program, we anticipate that you will be able to code basic program for bioinformatics using the python programming language, and will be familiar with Unix environment. Here, below is the schedule for training programs. Good luck to you.

Tuesday & Thursday: 10:00~12:00

Date Subject
12.08~12.12 Introduction of Linux and Python variable types and basic functions for python
12.15~12.19 Indexing and Slicing / Function for string, list and dictionary & File input and output
12.22~12.26 Modules and parsing practice / Sequence Alignment
12.29~1.2 Characterization of SNPs, indels
1.5~1.9 Cunstructing genetic map using GBS / Visualization - Circos
1.12~1.16 Visualization - ggplot / Visualization - SVG
1.19~1.23 Genome browser - Jbrowser