2017 Mar Taeyoung Lab note

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Venn diagram using Organ data

Flower and Endosperm data were merged

python ~/py/MakeBinaryTableForOrthomcl.py group.txt > group.txt.binary.flr.and.end
python ~/py/change_raw_and_col.py group.txt.binary.flr.and.end > group.txt.binary.flr.and.end.parsed
python ~/py/MakeRawInputUsingBinary.py group.txt.binary.flr.and.end.parsed > group.txt.binary.flr.and.end.parsed.rawfile


OrthoMcl again with cdhit file

True Orthologous retrieving

comparing length of peptide sequences with cutoff 0.1

/alima9002/63_backup/Jatropha/CDS/cdhit_blast_na1$ python length_polyporphism.py True_orhthologous.txt > True_orhthologous.txt.length.cutoff.0.1