Bioinformatics training in Bogor

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Training bioinformatics

Opening ceremony
S. Shim & T. Lee in Bogor
After class
In the class

Theme: 'Bioinformatics to support genomic-based breeding'

Where: Indonesian Agency of Agricultural Research and Development, Indonesia

When: 19-22, Aug, 2015

Tutor: Sangrea Shim, Taeyoung Lee

Lecture Schedule File:Sequence analysis.pptx

No. Date Time Topic
1 2015/08/19(Wed) 09:00~16:00 General aspects for genetic map construction/Basic Linux command & Basic Python 1
2 2015/08/20(Thu) 09:00~16:00 Getting familiar with NGS/Real data analysis & Basic Pyhton 2
3 2015/08/21(Fri) 09:00~16:00 Advanced Pyhton/Data Parsing
4 2015/08/22(Sat) 09:00~16:00 Genetic map construction using JoinMap4.1
PPT file for lecture

File:Day 1.pptx

File:Day 2.pptx

File:Day 3.pptx

File:Day 4.pptx

Answer of python practice

File:Practice answer for day2-1.txt

File:Practice answer for day2-2.txt

File:Practice answer for day3.txt

File for python practice