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== GBS lecture pipeline ==
== GBS lecture pipeline ==
<ref>GBS pre-processing.pptx</ref>
<ref>GBS pre-processing.pptx</ref>
[[File:GBS pre-processing.pptx|thumbnail]]

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zcat 4_NoIndex_L004_R1_001.fastq.gz | fastx_barcode_splitter.pl --bcfile barcode.1 --suffix ".fq" --prefix ./4_. --bol --exact

mv 4_.unmatched.fq Full.fq

/data1/program/NGSQCToolkit_v2.3.3/Trimming/TrimmingReads.pl -l 4 -i 4_.BA01.fq

GBS lecture pipeline

[1] File:GBS pre-processing.pptx
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